Dress up Games

If you are stuck inside on a rainy day, or if kids are just board, a great way to entertain your child is with dress up games. Ignite their imagination by taking clothes you don’t wear anymore, and turning them into entertainment. Children love dressing up, so by turning old clothes into dress up games, you can change the game just by changing their outfit. Its easy, fun, and often free.

dress up games

Your child can be anything they want to be when they are dressing up with old clothes. You can go with any kind of dress up game, from princesses and pirates, to nurses or cowboys. Use old accessories to spruce up these costumes. Just cut dresses or sleeves shorter with scissors, or tie extra pieces around the head for hair pieces. Don’t forget about purses and shoes, your kids will love playing with these out of style or dated items as well.

If you don’t have a lot of things to choose from in your own closet, you can always go out and find some. The more clothing you have, the more dress up games you can play. Ask relatives or friends if they have any other stuff you can use, old Halloween costumes and used formal dresses work great. Many second hand stores will have tons of things, just take them home and wash them up. There are even dress up clothes available in stores to purchase, if you are looking for a specific piece for your dress up games.

Your children will love playing dress up games with you and their friends, and they will play these games for many years. Playing creative games will help develop your child’s imagination. Start cleaning the attic or hitting some garage sales to find some clothes for your children to rediscover today.

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